New York State Local Technical Assistance Program

Quick Answers: Asset Management

What are some first steps and resources that can get me started with evaluating and managing my guiderail assets? (9/15/20)

What signs should we replace first? (2/13/20)

If my department identifies additional miles of road under our jurisdiction that were not previously accounted for, how is this mileage acknowledged, verified, and accounted for when we apply for CHIPS funding? (4/18/19)

Are date and initial stickers required on all signs as opposed to just stop signs? (3/19/18)

Are you aware of any resource where I can obtain comparable information about municipal roads for other municipalities in NY?

Can we use existing rustic box beam in stock to replace rusting rustic box beam?

What is Cold-in-place recycling and what are its advantages?

Which Tack Coat material should I use for an asphalt overlay?

What is a Cape Seal and how is it compared to other Surface Treatments?

How late into the Fall can I do paving, and how early can I start in the Spring?

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