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Quick Answers: Drainage

I have a question regarding the use of gutters as a stormwater conveyance structures. This question arises out of a bicyclist slipping on some ice at an intersection in which stormwater had frozen. Is there anything in writing that would withstand legal scrutiny that defines gutters as  stormwater conveyance structures? (4/1/21)

Are there any publications available on Culvert Flushing? (6/30/20)

Is there a simple way to know when a crew can clean a ditch on private property that is fed by a road crossing pipe? (6/11/18)

What resources are available for property owners who have problems with stream bank erosion on their land? (4/26/18)

I have some questions regarding drainage easements on a piece of property, where can I find resources that can provide me some answers?

What is the rule of thumb for roadside ditch depth?

Why do we need to mow grass lined ditches?

Where can I find specifications for installing plastic culvert pipe (HDPE)?

What should I do if there is a mud slide affecting my highway?

Who is responsible to remove a tree when it falls into a stream?

Why do I have to bury the base of a silt fence?

When do we need to install silt fence?

I don't live in a watershed; why do I need to worry about stormwater management?

We are looking to reduce costs for some culvert replacement this spring, where can we find some savings with material(s)? Is it OK to backfill culverts with the same material we dug out from around the old pipe?

What can we do to stop beavers from clogging up our culverts?

Can I replace my 24-inch corrugated pipe with a 21-inch smooth bore plastic pipe?

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