New York State Local Technical Assistance Program

Quick Answers: Environment and Sustainability

Where can I find a simple chart to help me calibrate my salt spreader? (2/18/21)

What is the risk over overspray from herbicide application? (8/5/20)

Are there Best Management Practice (BMP) guides on invasive species control available and written with public works and highway departments in mind? (6/19/19)

Are there any regulations or guidelines regarding how far a salt storage barn should be located from a stream or waterway? (4/24/19)

What is the limit for idling a truck?

How much latitude does a Town have in "adjusting" the width of Main Street as part of a comprehensive plan?

Why do I have to bury the base of a silt fence?

When do we need to install silt fence?

I don't live in a watershed; why do I need to worry about stormwater management?

What can we do to stop beavers from clogging up our culverts?

I am in an MS4 regulated area, do I need to apply for NYS DEC Permits?

We have been digging from our material pit for years. Do we need a mining permit?

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