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Quick Answers: General Interest

Is there a way to submit CHIPS and other state reimbursement requests via email? (6/26/20)

Where can I find sample “piggybacking” contract language that my municipality can use? (3/5/20)

If my department identifies additional miles of road under our jurisdiction that were not previously accounted for, how is this mileage acknowledged, verified, and accounted for when we apply for CHIPS funding? (4/18/19)

What is the new Excavator Certification Training and who needs to be certified? (2/19/19)

If a village installs electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on public parking lots where parking enforcement regulations apply, are there any standards for pavement markings for the charging station areas? For example, should we use green paint for markings? (11/15/18)

Where can I find chainsaw training resources
in NYS?

Where can I find information on road closures and travel advisories statewide?

Where can I find publically available budget and expenditure data for my highway department?

Where can I compare highway fatality rates by states, region or MPO?

Do I have to put our town insignia on our trucks?

What are ways to protect against trench cave-ins?

How do I sign/stripe a parking space for persons with disabilities on the street?

What are the regulations regarding Building Permits, Zoning Regulations, and Peddler Restrictions on signs at the entry into a town?

How do I sign a skewed RR crossing which can cause problems for bikes and motor cycles?

What should I use to seal a driveway?

What is the ‘Red Book’ that Highway Superintendents should have in their library and how do I obtain a copy?

What are the requirements for a roadside mailbox?

Why can’t I use a Slow Moving Vehicle Triangle to mark the end of my driveway?


What is the size of a parking lot stall?

Does the type of street (Street, Avenue, Road …) have to be on a Street Name Sign?

When do you need to install ADA compliant curb ramps as part of a pavement resurfacing project?

What are the fines for using electronic devices while driving?

What should I do if there is a mud slide affecting my highway?

What roads need to have Dead End Road signs? 

Can I change a two-way road to a one-way road?


How do I back up my computer?

Where can I find out the functional classification of a particular highway?

How should I answer the phone?

What are the changes to the Professional Development Hour (PDH) requirements for professional engineers and surveyors?

Is it true that they are no longer making Marshall Mix?


Does the law about cell phone usage and texting apply to government workers?

Where should I put 911 emergency or grid address numbers on a street sign?


Should all crosswalks be painted?

What do Windchill and Heat Index temperatures mean?

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