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Quick Answers: Human Resources/Personnel


I have to hire some new employees and I need to find some sample interview questions that I can ask candidates. Where can I find some good questions specifically for local highway and public works positions? (4/15/21)

I have developed a Snow and Ice Policy and presented it to my town board. Does the board need to adopt the policy or just “support” it? (1/28/21)


Can an elected highway superintendent of one town work for a highway department of another town as a highway employee? (10/19/20)


Can a town Highway Superintendent appoint a foreman within the department to the position of Deputy Highway Superintendent where the foremen would be serving in both capacities at the same time? (5/2/19)

Where can I go to find resources on sexual harassment laws, policies, and training? (1/23/19)


Are municipal employees typically allowed to use municipally owned dump trucks and trailers for the purpose of completing their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) A and B road test? (12/6/18)

Can a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) eliminate the power of the Highway Superintendent to hire as the Superintendent sees fit? (7/3/18)

Does a highway superintendent have to publically advertise a vacancy for a position even if they already know of a person who is interested and would be a good fit for theposition? (3/29/18)


What are the drug and alcohol testing requirements for DOT CDL drivers?


What can the Town Highway Superintendent do when the Town Board eliminates an employee position from the highway crew?


Is there a requirement that the doctor doing the examination for a CDL license be certified?


What drug and alcohol tests are required for a CDL license?


How should I answer the phone?

What are the changes to the Professional Development Hour (PDH) requirements for professional engineers and surveyors?


Who hires office workers for the Highway Department?

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