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The Quick Answers section is where we answers questions from people like you. These cover a wide variety of subjects of interest to local road/highway and related agencies.

If you have a question you would like answered, please email us at For additional information on any of the topics or entries posted here, contact our office, our Senior Engineer, David Orr, or our Technical Assistance Engineer, Geoff Scott. David can be reached via telephone at (607) 255-8465, or Geoff can be contacted at (607) 255-2806 or

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I have a local citizen who is demanding that a town road be striped. I disagree with this person because I do not see a need but what standards or regulations should I cite when communicating my opinion?

What are the recommended advanced posting distances for Deaf Child Area signs?

We currently install base posts, lap splice joints and a sign post for all signage. According to page 14 paragraph 3 of the 2010 FHWA Guide  “Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports” a "A U-channel post of re-rolled rail steel weighing 3 pounds-per-foot or less meets breakaway requirements by itself.” Is that still an acceptable standard for breakaways?

Who or what determines the responsibilities of a shared road between two municipalities?

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