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Quick Answers: Management & Planning

I have to hire some new employees and I need to find some sample interview questions that I can ask candidates. Where can I find some good questions specifically for local highway and public works positions? (4/15/21)

I have developed a Snow and Ice Policy and presented it to my town board. Does the board need to adopt the policy or just “support” it? (1/28/21)

Have CHIPS/PAVE NY allocations for FY 2020/20201
been reduced?

Are Highway Department Employees essential in light of the 50% reduction of staff due to COVID-19? (4/2/20)

Can a town Highway Superintendent appoint a foreman within the department to the position of Deputy Highway Superintendent where the foremen would be serving in both capacities at the same time? (5/2/19)

If my department identifies additional miles of road under our jurisdiction that were not previously accounted for, how is this mileage acknowledged, verified, and accounted for when we apply for CHIPS funding? (4/18/19)

Are there any resources that can summarize the program and training requirements of the PESH standards that typically apply to highway and Public Works Departments? (12/11/18)

Can a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) eliminate the power of the Highway Superintendent to hire as the Superintendent sees fit? (7/3/18)

Should road striping be paid for out of the Highway Department’s General Fund? (6/20/18)

Do Villages have their own version of the Office of the Town Highway Superintendent or “Red Book?” (5/23/18)

Does a highway superintendent have to publically advertise a vacancy for a position even if they already know of a person who is interested and would be a good fit for theposition? (3/29/18)

Are date and initial stickers required on all signs as opposed to just stop signs? (3/19/18)

Can a public entity apply some or all of their violation fines toward the remediation of a particular hazard or condition? (3/12/18)

I participate in the NYS Office of General Services Road Salt Contract, who do I contact if I am having issues with delivery delays or poor salt quality? (3/5/18)

What is procurement piggybacking and when is it allowed? (2/6/18)

Can someone be the town highway superintendent of one town but live in a different town? (1/30/18)

Are you aware of any resource where I can obtain comparable information about municipal roads for other municipalities in NY?

Where can I find guides on budgeting and planning for my highway department?

Where can I find publically available budget and expenditure data for my highway department?

What are the drug and alcohol testing requirements for DOT CDL drivers?

Does the board need to pass a resolution to authorize the highway department to spend the additional money of PAVE NY program?

Where can I find a Temporary Easement form?

What can the Town Highway Superintendent do when the Town Board eliminates an employee position from the highway crew?

How can I find out the official functional class of a highway?


What sign should be used when all trucks are banned from a highway?

What does the board have to do to use the “Best Value” method for purchasing?

Can we use existing rustic box beam in stock to replace rusting rustic box beam?

Can a 284 Agreement be changed after it has been approved?

Are the amounts under Permanent Improvements the total of the anticipated state aid? (i.e. CHIPS)

In preparing a 284 Agreement, is the amount under General Repairs for materials only?

What are the regulations regarding Building Permits, Zoning Regulations, and Peddler Restrictions on signs at the entry into a town?

Where is a good source for financial information for Town Highway Superintendents?


How do I determine who owns a piece of property?

Who is responsible for clearing brush at an intersection owned by two different municipalities?

Where can I find legal opinions of the NYS Comptroller?

What are the rules for Seasonal Limited Use Highways

Is there a requirement that the doctor doing the examination for a CDL license be certified?

Does creating a plan to deal with highway design or safety defects or accommodation issues increase liability?

Where can we find that Piggybacking memo mentioned at the Highway School?

Are highway departments considered ‘first responders’ by Homeland Security?

What is the ‘Red Book’ that Highway Superintendents should have in their library and how do I obtain a copy?

What am I required to do concerning notification, barriers etc. if I have to close a road temporarily?

How do I get reimbursements for work done under CHIPS and the new Winter Recovery Fund?

What is an Erwin Plan Road?

Can CHIPS funding be used to develop an asset or pavement management plan?


How much latitude does a Town have in "adjusting" the width of Main Street as part of a comprehensive plan?

Where can I find out how much my municipality will get in CHIPS funds?

What are the critical dates for Town Highway Departments?

Can I change a two-way road to a one-way road?

Can I use CHIPS monies for crack repairs?


Where would I find a standard rental rate for various highway equipment?

Where can I find the latest adjustments for asphalt and fuel prices on State bids?

Where can I find out the functional classification of a particular highway?

Can I use an “Autistic Child” warning sign in New York?

What constitutes a Federal off-system bridge or road?

Is it true that they are no longer making Marshall Mix?


Are there minimum retroreflectivity requirements for pavement markings? If so, what are the expected standards?


What are the dollar amounts for when sealed bids are required?

When do sign posts have to meet the new standards for crashworthiness?

Can the Town Board assign to the Highway Superintendent the duty of collecting trash? If so, it that a Highway or General Fund Charge?

Which National MUTCD should be followed in New York State?


Are work zone signs required to be retroreflective?

Where can I get a copy of the 284 Agreement?

What is the Highway Right-of-Way?

Where do I find State / OGS bids?

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