New York State Local Technical Assistance Program

Quick Answers: Road Construction


Where can I find a simple specification so I can add a wedge joint or safety edge to my paving contracts? (7/23/20)

During the Full Depth Reclamation process, when is calcium (or another stabilizer) supposed to be applied? (7/9/20)

Can we put a concrete barrier across a closed bridge to keep vehicles from going around our Type III barricade? (6/8/20)

Are rumble strips considered traffic control devices and, if so, does the MUTCD govern their design, spacing, etc.? (2/20/20)


Where can I find resources or workshops for engineers that deal with superpave mix designs? (2/13/19)


Why do chip seals fail

How do I calculate the percentage of asphalt in a mix?

What are some Best Practices that should be considered when applying a Tack Coat?

Why should I use Tack Coat and is it worth the extra cost?

Is it better to place cobbles or sand directly on an weak subgrade?


Where can I find specifications for installing plastic culvert pipe (HDPE)?

What should I do if there is a mud slide affecting my highway?

Is it necessary to reclaim by grinding a very poor surface before placing a new gravel base or surface?


What is Cold-in-place recycling and what are its advantages?

Which Tack Coat material should I use for an asphalt overlay?

Are there any requirements for how many and how bright yellow (amber) flashing lights are to be on work trucks?


What is the “Safety Edge” and why should we use it?

Are there new sizes for work zone signs?

We are looking to reduce costs for some culvert replacement this spring, where can we find some savings with material(s)? Is it OK to backfill culverts with the same material we dug out from around the old pipe?

What traffic control is required in a nightime work zone?


What can I use to clean paving equipment other than diesel fuel?

How late into the Fall can I do paving, and how early can I start in the Spring?

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