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Quick Answers: Road Design

Can street name signs be installed on the same post as a STOP sign? (11/25/19)

I have a local citizen who is demanding that a town road be striped. I disagree with this person because I do not see a need but what standards or regulations should I cite when communicating my opinion? (10/9/19)

What options do I have to improve safety and awareness for a blind resident who must cross a roundabout in my town? (8/23/18)

What is the maximum recommended angle for an intersection?

How close can a residential driveway be to an intersection?

What is the Present Serviceability Index (PSI)?

How can I find out the official functional class of a highway?

Why should I use Tack Coat and is it worth the extra cost?

How wide should a bicycle lane be?

Are two-way bicycle lanes allowed on highways?

Is it better to place cobbles or sand directly on an weak subgrade?

Does a smooth bore pipe have more capacity to carry water than a corrugated pipe?


What is the traffic volume cut off between high-volume and low volume?

How thick should the gravel be on a reconstructed road?

Where can I find information about improving curve safety?

A residential area wants a “speed hump” or “ speed table.” What are they?

What is an Erwin Plan Road?

What is the proper layout and placement for a stop sign and street sign on a single post?


What is the width of a bike lane?

How much latitude does a Town have in "adjusting" the width of Main Street as part of a comprehensive plan?

Where can I find information on gravel road maintenance?

Is it necessary to reclaim by grinding a very poor surface before placing a new gravel base or surface?

What roads need to have Dead End Road signs?


Where can I find geometric design standards for roads and street?

Which Tack Coat material should I use for an asphalt overlay?

What constitutes a Federal off-system bridge or road?

Is it true that they are no longer making Marshall Mix?


We are looking to reduce costs for some culvert replacement this spring, where can we find some savings with material(s)? Is it OK to backfill culverts with the same material we dug out from around the old pipe?

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