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Quick Answers: Road Maintenance

What is the risk over overspray from herbicide application? (8/5/20)

How do I adjust the asphalt emulsion rate for various surfaces when placing a chip seal? (7/21/20)

During the Full Depth Reclamation process, when is calcium (or another stabilizer) supposed to be applied? (7/9/20)

If I have a gravel road that has no structures, driveways, or easements on it, and is designated as a Seasonal Limited Use Highway, can I barricade it during frost-thaw months to restrict access to vehicles that would damage the road? (3/27/19)

Where can I find resources or workshops for engineers that deal with superpave mix designs? (2/13/19)

Can I put any design or collection of art treatments in a crosswalk as long as the transverse white lines are present? (9/12/18)

Does the MUTCD allow intersection murals or widespread application of artwork to the street? (8/29/18)

Is there a simple way to know when a crew can clean a ditch on private property that is fed by a road crossing pipe? (6/11/18)

Is there a law that allows a municipal highway department to remove trees, brush, and vegetation along the right of way area of a road and/or are there any regulations or laws that protect trees along the right of way, thus prohibiting a municipality from removing trees? (5/9/18)

When damage is caused to a highway by a private contractor due to their equipment not utilizing proper pavement protections, who is liable and responsible for damages?

Why do chip seals fail?

How do I calculate the percentage of asphalt in a mix?

Can we use existing rustic box beam in stock to replace rusting rustic box beam?

What are some Best Practices that should be considered when applying a Tack Coat?

Why should I use Tack Coat and is it worth the extra cost?

Can a 284 Agreement be changed after it has been approved?

Is there a law about home owners putting markers along the roads to keep snow plows off the shoulders?

Are the amounts under Permanent Improvements the total of the anticipated state aid? (i.e. CHIPS)

In preparing a 284 Agreement, is the amount under General Repairs for materials only?

Is it better to place cobbles or sand directly on an weak subgrade?


Who is responsible for clearing brush at an intersection owned by two different municipalities?

What is the most efficient way to fill potholes?

What should I use to seal a driveway?

What is the proper technique for filling potholes?

Why do we need to mow grass lined ditches?


When do you need to install ADA compliant curb ramps as part of a pavement resurfacing project?

Where can I find information on gravel road maintenance?

Can I use CHIPS monies for crack repairs?


What is Cold-in-place recycling and what are its advantages?

Which Tack Coat material should I use for an asphalt overlay?

What is a Cape Seal and how is it compared to other Surface Treatments?

Are there any requirements for how many and how bright yellow (amber) flashing lights are to be on work trucks?

What is the proper placement of the Railroad Advanced Warning Sign?


We are looking to reduce costs for some culvert replacement this spring, where can we find some savings with material(s)? Is it OK to backfill culverts with the same material we dug out from around the old pipe?

What traffic control is required in a nightime work zone?


How late into the Fall can I do paving, and how early can I start in the Spring?

We have a low-volume local road that was reconstructed two years ago. It is now showing cracks in the center of the travel lane, running parallel to the edge of the road. What should we do?


Should all crosswalks be painted?

What is a Heater-Scarifier?

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