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Quick Answers: Safety-Highway

I would like to start a bicyclist safety campaign in my area, and I am looking for some ideas and materials to get me started. (5/5/21)

Does the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) require the use of diamond grade vinyl for stop signs, stop ahead signs, and/or double arrow signs? (12/1/20)

Can a Municipality use an intersection as part of a turnaround for a boat launch? (11/10/20)

Where can I find a simple specification so I can add a wedge joint or safety edge to my paving contracts? (7/23/20)

Can we put a concrete barrier across a closed bridge to keep vehicles from going around our Type III barricade? (6/8/20)

I would like a stop sign installed at an intersection I think is dangerous. What is the process for requesting the installation of a stop sign at an intersection near a school?  (10/16/19)

I have a local citizen who is demanding that a town road be striped. I disagree with this person because I do not see a need but what standards or regulations should I cite when communicating my opinion? (10/9/19)

What are the dimensions that must be maintained for a clear path regarding vegetation and obstacles along a highway? (9/11/19)

Are there any rules, regulations or requirements for how many hours a day a municipal worker with a CDL can plow a highway? (7/17/19)

Do horse riders have the-right-of-way at a highway crossing? (1/8/19)

Why do I need to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and what are the best ways to use them? (5/30/18)

Can we still use our old “Men Working” signs until they wear out before we need to switch to the newer Road Work Ahead signs? (5/16/18)

I have heard that NYSDOT is removing X-lite guiderail terminals because of concerns that they may be dangerous. What, if anything, should I be doing? (2/23/18)

Where can I compare highway fatality rates by states, region or MPO?

Where can I find information on crash modification factors?

How do I use a roundabout?

Are Deaf Child and Blind Child Area signs limited to children?

How do I change the allowable weight limit on a bridge?

How close can a residential driveway be to an intersection?

Is there a specific regulation that sets a timer for the replacement of downed signs?

What is a clear definition of a “Clear Zone”?

Can we use existing rustic box beam in stock to replace rusting rustic box beam?

What permit processes should the Town have in place to handle new, buried private utilities that cross under the road?

How wide should a bicycle lane be?

Are two-way bicycle lanes allowed on highways?

When do I have to call 811?

What signs can be used to alert drivers to bicycles using the highway?

When should I use warning signs for bikes, pedestrians, buggies, or other non-typical highway use?

Do unreported accidents count toward the accident history warrant, or do only reported accidents count?

What are the snow disposal responsibilities for property owners?

Are strobe lights allowed in red signals?

Does a town have an obligation to remove diseased trees on roads on the town's right of way?

Where can I find information about improving curve safety?

A residential area wants a “speed hump” or “ speed table.” What are they?

What is the proper layout and placement for a stop sign and street sign on a single post?

Why do we need to mow grass lined ditches?

Can we put a yield sign to warn drivers to yield when turning left at a sharp intersection?


What is the width of a bike lane?

What is the distance between speed limit signs?

Can you mark road shoulders as bike lanes?

What are work zone traffic control standards in New York State?

What are the fines for using electronic devices while driving?


Where can I find geometric design standards for roads and street?

Where can I find out more information on rumble strips?

What do I do at a traffic signal when the power is out?

Why are stops signs not recommended for speed control?

Who is responsible for the placement and maintenance of Advanced Warning signs for railroad crossings?

Are the requirements for crashworthiness posts to be changed with the proposed revision to the MUTCD?

What is the status of the “Children at Play” sign?

Do warning signs near a school need to be fluorescent yellow/green or can they stay yellow?

Are there any laws that address the placement of snow onto the sidewalks after the town has cleared them? )


What is the “Safety Edge” and why should we use it?

Our community is interested in learning more about shared lane markings, aka "sharrows", as a tool to help motorists and bicyclists share the road safely. What can you tell us about them?

Are there minimum retroreflectivity requirements for pavement markings? If so, what are the expected standards?


What are the requirements for breakaway hardware for sign posts on rural roads?

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