Cornell Local Roads Program

Quick Answers: Winter Maintenance

Where can I find a sample policy or public notice about winter maintenance mailbox damage? (1/9/19)

Are there any rules, regulations or requirements for how many hours a day a municipal worker with a CDL can plow a highway? (7/17/19)

Are there any regulations or guidelines regarding how far a salt storage barn should be located from a stream or waterway? (4/24/19)

Is there any standard policy available pertaining to plowing and salting railroad grade crossings? (4/4/19)

I participate in the NYS Office of General Services Road Salt Contract, who do I contact if I am having issues with delivery delays or poor salt quality? (3/5/18)

Where can I find seasonal snowfall records
for regions within New York State?

Do snow plow drivers have to obey the vehicle and traffic law?

Is there a law about home owners putting markers along the roads to keep snow plows off the shoulders?

Can a private landowner plow a seasonal road to access his property?

What are the snow disposal responsibilities for property owners?

When does the price of salt automatically increase when using the State OGS bid?

What can a municipality do about someone dumping snow onto a highway?

Can Town Highway Superintendent plow a public official's driveway?

Where would I find a standard rental rate for various highway equipment?

Are there any laws that address the placement of snow onto the sidewalks after the town has cleared them?

What do Windchill and Heat Index temperatures mean?

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