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In response to mandates and guidelines that dictate the need to maintain social distancing, NYSLTAP - CLRP is developing training available exclusively on-line and providing new digital education material in a variety of formats. We will also be distributing new Tech Tips, Quick Tips, Quick Answers, and Tailgate Talks weekly.

This Web page, will collect all of these new materials, training events, and resources in one convenient location for you to utilize. We invite you to continue to browse the rest of the NYSLTAP - CLRP website for even more training and educational material developed to serve the local highway and public works communities of New York State and beyond. As always, we value your feedback and we are still responding to inquiries.

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New On-line Searchable Database of Digital Training

The NYS LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program has a new digital database of on-line training and educational resources available for the local highway and public works audience. From tailgate talks to webinars, you can find what you need using this searchable database with over 900 entries! Click the link above to start searching.

NYSLTAP - CLRP Webinars & On-line Trainings


Certificates of completion will be issued following the webinar for participants who attend the entire session. Certificates will be emailed out a day or two after the webinar.

Sessions with the PDH symbol are approved for engineering Professional Development Hours (PDH) In New York State.

Each webinar worth PDH credit is worth 1 PDH. To obtain a PDH, please email a copy of your certificate to Barbara Lockwood at

Webinars may be livestreamed on the CLRP Facebook Page but viewers will not be eligible for PDH credits or certificates of completion.


NYSLTAP - CLRP & NJ LTAP Low-Volume Roads Webinar:

Join us April 28, 2021 for the first in a series of mini webinars. These mini webinars are being offered "one time only" so do not delay in registering!

This webinar is geared toward municipal and county public works participants who manage and maintain local and rural roads. Low-volume roads (LVRs) make up more than half the centerline mileage in the United States.  Most local roads and streets are low-volume but are not actually designed. In this free webinar,

Our speaker, David Orr, will provide an overview of geometric and thickness design of roads and streets with less than 2,000 vehicles per day. We will also review the critical inputs needed for LVR pavement design and discuss ways for local agencies to design the thickness of their LVRs.

The The New York State LTAP - Cornell University Local Roads Program, a Rutgers CAIT research partner, worked with local highway agencies to develop a pavement design tool that can determine the needed thickness of a new asphalt layer using basic inputs and assumptions.

Webinar Outcomes:

Intended Audience: Individuals who are managing and/or performing construction, maintenance or repair on low-volume municipal roadways including: construction professionals, engineers, and public works employees, and street superintendents.

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NYSLTAP-CLRP is also hosting expanded Low-Volume Roads webinars later this year. These webinars will be worth NYS PDH credit. Click here to learn more.

Spring Workshops


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COVID-19 Updates


Updated State of NY Information for Highway and Public Works Departments:

Vaccine Update - NYS COVID-19 Vaccination Program Plan
Download the pdf Here

NYS Vaccine distribution Phased Plan
Information Here

All people in NY required to wear face masks when in public

Executive Order directing employers to provide essential workers with cloth or surgical masks free of charge to wear when directly interacting with the public.

New from the CDC: Recommendation Regarding the Use of Cloth Face Coverings, Especially in Areas of Significant Community-Based Transmission

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