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October 21, 2015
2015 Bridge Conference

Guy James, Allegany County, Moderator
Notes: David Orr, Cornell Local Roads Program
47 attendees

Initial notes from Guy:

  1. FHWA Tappan Zee Panels, (Chris Millington, FHWA)

  2. 150 50 foot long girder sections built in last 10 years are available. 12 have gotten back to the FHWA asking about them. Summer 2017; 70 will be available at storage yard in Syracuse, 50 at either Albany or Tappan Zee; 60 reserved so far. Need a crane to unload them. 15,000 ft. of barrier rail also available. Questions can be directed to Chris. Contractor will move them to the storage yards. Details probably would be known by summer of 2016. Might be able to deliver to other locations. 

  3. HOOCS (Highway Oversize/Overweight Credentialing System)
    (Adam Yagelski, NYSDOT), Oversize/Overweight Permits

  4. More than 100,000 special permits are issued each year from NYSDOT plus divisible load permits. Need to work with industry. NYSDOT is developing a server and web based system. They need information on construction. Also will have live load analysis and detour routing systems. Launch is fall 2016. All agencies will be able to use the system. Permit vehicle load calculation tool will be included. Data must be on the NYS GIS Platform. Went through live load handout. NYSDOT and Thruway will be using this. Includes bridge and other restrictions (such as road postings and seasonal highways).

  5. PIT Bonds (Tom Hack, Rochester)

  6. Personal Income Tax Bonds (PIT) (revenue streams) to 5 public authorities. Rochester has a shovel ready project that will be using PIT bonds. Does anyone have any information? NYSDOT is trying to work this into their program, but typically they do not give such detail for a specific project. M/WBE requirements use 30% goal. NYSDOT will get back to the NYSCHSA after discussion with Rochester.

  7. CHIPS - Extreme weather (EW) funds (1.5 million left of 2014 funds)

  8. EW should be used first. Very small agencies that have balances for CHIPs may be trying to build funds to do a larger project.
    $27 million of current $50 million in EW funds has been spent.

  9. LDSA - County State Communication

  10. Lack of awareness to use the LDSA. Locals ask NYSDOT Regional Local Project Liaisons (RLPLs) and are told they can change teams. May need to contact with the County Association contact in the region. Need consistency between the regions.

    Compliance of QA on local projects. How does that compare with State administered projects? Data is available, but has not been reported. Local projects not as good as the state project for compliance. Looking for more consistency especially smaller municipalities. Need to have the conversation to move things forward including additional help from NYSDOT and maybe having the State do the oversight and delivery. EBO (Equitable Business Opportunities) is an issue. Regions have helped in some cases.

  11. Audit Limit and Overhead adjustment annually

  12. There are concerns with the audits and the needs for adjusting overhead annually. What happens when these change in the middle of a contract? Typical audits are less than $100. Terry Rice, Monroe County, is sending a letter on this to the NYSDOT Regional Director. NYSDOT rate is adjusted every year.

  13. Title VI

  14. Training and needs to meet Title VI (nondiscrimination). Office of Civil Rights audits municipalities. NYSDOT tries to outreach to them ahead of any audits. Several Counties mentioned they had been sent questionnaires. NYSDOT (Diane) will look into this.

  15. Bridge Inspection identifying maintenance work

  16. This was discussed in the past. The new Bridge Data Information System (BDIS) will include information on possible maintenance. Should be very helpful for future possible work. Hopefully more than just basics and can help with longer term planning. NYSDOT will look at some ideas on improving communications and possible ways to help make the system better.

  17. BDIS issues for locals

  18. BDIS - Trying to avoid looking at all BINS (Bridge Identification Numbers) individually. Locals cannot sort by elements. Is NYSDOT aware of these issues? Only DOT could do the extractions as of 3 weeks ago. Regional should have been able to do this. Vendor still developing worksheets. Comments can be sent to Regional Structures Management Engineer.

  19. EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities)

  20. Looking at AAP35 (Workforce Participation Plan) forms one notices the contractor is behind schedule. Last month of AAP35 will not be completed. Union says contracts may limit the changes. Noncompliance can lead to nonpayment. You should have conversations with the RLPL when issues are noticed.

  21. State Local Highway Bridge $$

  22. Some state aid is out there. Also a pot of money that is bridge and roads and local have not heard about this. Revenue streams need to be examined. There are bills in the Legislature to bring parity to transportation and their issues. Different pot than the $750 million in bridge funds. If not part of an MPO, who looks to see if a project is eligible. Talk to the RLPLs. Need to make sure regions are meeting with local Counties.

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