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Local Agency Forum

October 26, 2016
Moderator: Guy James – Allegany County
58 attendees

1. Bridge NY

a. # of projects by Region
b. Funding allocation by Region

Submitted by Region? Rich can get those data (226 total applications, 53 counties). County superintendents trying to know where the projects are and how much money was requested. Want to know how quickly these need to be turned around. The amount requested is 3 times the amount available. Need a breakdown of request value versus amount available. Only 7 applications from LI and NYC. ~60 Hudson applications and the rest is upstate. Would also like breakdown on the culvert applications. Most culvert applications are upstate. NO real schedule for awarding applications, but reviewers are working on a consensus. The 18 months is tied to the state-local agreement (execution of the agreement). Towns vs. Counties – A lot of towns and villages applied. Is a Federal authorization needed to start these programs? These are going through as if Federal monies (hold back of funds by Governor’s office). Need to have federal approvals.

$59 Million in Marcheselli funding. Are we going to be short going forward?

[revisit] – Projects already on the approved list. Region 4 folks were told to put some of these projects on the Bridge NY funds. What happens to the TIP funds? Rich – State is doing a technical review including feasibility of the project. Rich did not have a clear answer to this question. Some felt that the Bridge NY funds were replacing local projects on the TIP. There appeared to be some confusion.

2. Centerline vs. Lane-mile issue

The new local highway inventory regulations do follow highway law for CHIPS.

Turning lanes are not counted in the new inventory system. Everyone has seen the initial mileage and meetings are being held to discuss the new values. The NYSDOT Highway Data Services folks are electing to modify the lane-miles at the same time. This does not match CHIPS as the new rules only include through lanes. CHIPS uses travel lane. 4 lane road with a road diet (2 lane with turning lanes) gets counted as only 2 lanes. Monroe County may lose $60-70 K in funds. Peter Ryan will try to set up a meeting with Ron Epstein.

3. Weather Hardening Program

a. Information about?
b. Status updates?

This seemed to be something new from Phil Eng this morning. Need to get more details. Is this an application process or how are the funds being designated? Money for vulnerable structures. This is FEMA funding?

4. Tappan Zee Panel Updates

Chris Millington, FHWA – 150 deck panels available. Over the winter a call will be set up to iron out the logistics. Demo fall of 2017. Details need to be worked out. An agreement will need to be signed. 4 in the room asked for panels. About a dozen agencies overall have asked for panels. May be able to ship them to individual yards or a combined location. Probably early 2018 before they will be delivered. State is looking to get a few. Will need special permits to move on state highways.

5. Pre-cast Concrete Blocks available

September – blocks at Watkins Glen International are available. Indy racing league has over 1,000 blocks in Boston, MA. ~$210 each to get them from the racetrack. Some are pin-able. About 700 available.

6. Concerns about “new” bridge inspection reports

Condition rating is critical for managing bridges. New reports do have safety flags and some condition data. (Lots of new acronyms) Some of the information on the reports needs to have information faster (condition rating) and safety (buried deep). Overall rating (old style number) will exist for several years and is a translated number (Rich). Will also still have recommendations from the inspectors. Quantities on the inspection will be helpful for determining the amount of work to be done.  A new ‘health index’ will be part of the new inspection process. State is researching different scales which will replace the old 1-7 scale. Both numbers will be available for a while. NYSDOT has old style numbers with state bridges. Locals are NOT getting this number. Mark S (NYSDOT) said number not ready yet for local agencies. 1-7 scale is a nice screen tool for evaluation of bridge network. NYSDOT knew there would be growing pains, but felt it is an improvement in the long run, but need to not throw out the old data for a while. Need to find a way to get the data from the State system to be shared with the locals (The state can already see the data). A 2016 inspection manual is available. Can a local be added to the development committee? $90 million to inspect bridges statewide.

7. Closing thoughts

Rich thanked everyone for helping with the review process for Bridge-NY (County and Town Hwy Supt Associations).

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