Cornell Local Roads Program

Pavement Management

2019 Training Session

May 21 - May 23
Room 401, Riley Robb Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca

Tuesday, May 21 (Interns):

Wednesday, May 22(Everybody):

Thursday, May 23 (Everybody a.m.; Interns, p.m.):

The CAMP Summer Intern Project provides municipalities with a way to overcome some of the time constraints that limit the implementation of a pavement management system. Since most pavement management systems are implemented using computer software, the project also helps municipalities overcome the difficulties associated with learning to use the computer by providing a computer literate college intern to help get the software up and running.

Cornell Asset Management Program - Roads and Streets (CAMP-RS) software is now available for $90


Check out this 2017 CAMP pavement maintenance plan video produced by the Otsego County Planning Department.

Presenters Jaclyn Courter, Erik Scrivener
Directed by Thomas Parker Fish


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