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What is Pavement Management?

Pavement Management Summer Intern
"In general, this program is a
win-win situation for both the interns
and the municipality."- RSMS Intern

Pavement Management Systems (PMS) are tools which allow better use of resources, save time, and help agencies make better decisions about which repairs to use and when to use them. The basis of PMS is illustrated below. The cost of repairs to a road skyrocket if not done at the appropriate time. It is therefore less expensive to keep good roads in good shape. A quality PMS will help decision makers select the proper repair treatment and apply it at the appropriate time.

The project is a network-level pavement management system implemented using a computer-based software package. It provides information on the condition, traffic, and importance of roads in a network to create a long-term maintenance program. This helps municipalities apply limited budget resources where they will provide the greatest road quality benefits.

Graph showing cost vs pavement condition

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