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Tools for Practical Communication
A Road Master Qualified Course

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is open to everyone (highway superintendents, crew members, town clerks, board members, etc.) who would like to improve their interaction with others.

Participants taking this course will be able to:


Jim Sheridan, Jim Sheridan is a Senior Management Consultant with Cornell University’s Organizational Development and Effectiveness department. With nearly forty years of varied Human Resources experience, Jim is a principal facilitator and trainer for Cornell University’s Leadership  and Supervisory  training Programs.

Workshop Locations and Dates

Tools for Practical Communication:
In Person - October 13 - Ontario Co.
In Person - October 27 - Saratoga Co.
In Person - November 1 - Chemung Co.

Webinar - October 8
Webinar - October 9

Webinar Schedule:

10am - 11am

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$10 per attendee for in-person workshops

Webinars are free

Timing of workshops

The in-person workshop sessions are all scheduled from 9:00 am – noon and food will not be served at workshops this fall..

Workshop-Related Materials

Workshop Manual: Tools for Practical Communications (pdf)

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