New York State Local Technical Assistance Program


Our primary service is training. We are on the road with our workshops, traveling all over New York State each year. We schedule the majority of our training sessions in the spring, from late March through May, and in the fall during the months of September and October.

Workshop Information

Payment & Confirmation
The virtual workshop sessions will be free and the in-person sessions will be $10 each. We will bill everyone AFTER the session in case we have to cancel the in-person sessions and hold them virtually. We will not be accepting payments at the workshop. You will receive a confirmation email when you register and in-person workshop registrants will receive a map to the workshop site. If you have not received a confirmation at least one week before the workshop, please call (607) 255-8033 or email For virtual workshop webinars, you will receive webinar registration weblinks with your confirmation.

Workshop Timing/Food
The in-person workshop sessions will run from 9:00 am – noon. Food and drinks will not be served. Virtual workshop webinars are either 2 or 3 hours long depending on the topic and breaks are scheduled every hour.

If you need to cancel your in-person workshop, please contact us at least 3 business days prior. We are limited to the number of people who will be allowed to attend. Walk-ins and substitutes will not be accepted the day of the workshop, but with advance notice, we can make other arrangements for someone to take your place. This could be from your organization or our waiting list.


Registrations may be emailed, faxed or mailed to:


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